Read the Word

People often ask me how and when I study the Bible.  I will gladly tell you what I do, and use – but each of us has to find the way that God meets us in the Word.

First you actually have to be in the Word. So grab a bible. I mostly use ‘The Spirit Filled Life Bible’ in NKJV because I like all the extra word study in it.  I also use ESV, NAS, The Message,  NIV, 11150432_10153146309336166_8596944160300495019_n(basically I have a bible addiction)

I also have a Dake’s annotated study bible – that was my mom’s that is my hard-core study bible.

It’s always good to have a  spot where you can go and spread out, or cuddle up.  I tend to use my table and also a chair by the window.

I use colored pencils mostly – highlighters tend to always bleed through and sometimes are just messy – so I love to use pencils.

I also use commentaries for whatever book of the Bible I am studying. So I am doing Leviticus currently with Good Morning Girls – and also the Be Holy by Warren Weirsbe.

of course I always have coffee in a mug. it not only adds to the picture , but I think it is the fuel of heaven.

Journals are also vital for me. I write verses that stick out – I rewrite them as a prayer or as a question. For example: Take Psalm 1 ; I would write “God I want to be like a tree planted by the water – am I like a tree with deep roots that has fruit in every season – create me to be the fruit you  want me to be”

10425030_10152983757761166_6959119386938136935_nI also use great books by people who have helped me along the way. Even good devotional books like the one pictured above have helped me through intense times – write the verses out and pray them.

We each have a way that we connect to God – almost like using our love languages – so if you love quality time,  you will probably spend more time just reading and soaking in the word. If you love gifts – you will probably spend more time giving God praise and prayers.

We have also come up with a easy way to read through the bible in one year. word I can send you one for $5 if you are interested !

Above all –  my heart is that everyone would spend time in the word – so let me know how I can help you !




3 thoughts on “Read the Word”

  1. kdenmark2005 said:

    I don’t have a Facebook I deleted it because I was always on it. So I absolutely get you there. Thank you for your insight and help.


  2. kdenmark2005 said:

    I have a problem getting started. I have in my head and heart that I need to do this and when I go to start I look and say no not right now. I love love love to write I love to learn. But I find myself wandering away. Any suggestions?


    • For me, it came down to just doing it. There is a quote of someone who wrote on prayer, and said the best way to have a prayer life if to begin. I suggest just starting to write the scripture out, word for word. Take the book of James, and write out 3-6 verses a day, then ponder, think on them – it really takes beginning to form the habit or discipline. I have to mentally tell myself, no facebook before The Book.


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