I always try each year to read through the Bible, and found it hard to follow some of the plans out there, since they were jumping around from verse to verse. So, we (City Gate Lancaster) decided to make our own, because we value reading whole books of the bible. It’s called Encountering the Word {a daily bible reading guide}, which you can get from us at City Gate Lancaster.

With all that being said, today’s reading was the book of Haggai. I found it spiritually epiphanyinteresting that today was the Book of Haggai and it is the beginning of the “Epiphany Season”, the season after Advent and prior to Lent. It’s a season of Shining Forth. “Who is this king of glory” from Psalm 24.  It’s the season of the year we recognize the significance of Jesus, His Identity as Christ, where we see who Jesus is, where he is found, what is He about.

So going back to Haggai, as I read I was hit with some of the questions asked.

  1. Is it time for you  to dwell in paneled houses and this temple to lie in ruins?  If we make this personal, do I spend so much time making the building pretty, while the temple inside me is in ruins? Do I know HIM, or about HIM? Do I identify with Him or with the things of him?
  2. You have sown much and bring little; you eat, but do not have enough, you drink but you are not filled with drink….Thus says the Lord of host; consider your ways! We spend so much time in programs, pageants, platforms but are we bringing little ? If we have all these books, schools, church buildings then why are we still hungry for the presence of God?  Is it time to consider our ways ?

Haggai then moves on to say because of this, we are in ruin, therefore Heaven above withholds the dew and the earth withholds the fruit.

Is it possible that we are living life to the fullest but not in the fullness of Heaven?

The book goes on that there is a shaking coming and I know that there is. But I think many will be surprised that the shaking is way more personal.

There is a word in verse 14 that says: so the Lord stirred up…and they came and worked on the house of the Lord.  Now if the Lord dwells in me, then the house that needs stirred up in the one inside of me, the on that needs fixed is the one that dwells in me.

I think it is time to stop offering with our hands what is unclean (2:14) and to begin the process of cleansing the temple within us.

I don’t want to be sowing so much, but bringing little.

I want to be like 2:18-19. Consider now from this day forward…that the foundation of the Lord’s temple was laid – consider it. Is the seed still in the barn? As yet the vine, the fig tree, the pomegranate and the olive tree have not yielded fruit. BUT FROM THIS DAY, I will bless you.

I want this day to be the day. The day that myself and many others begin to put God first, begin to ask Who is this King of Glory in me ?

In my commentary, it says this verse if the plea of Haggai to the people to keep in mind the motives.

Let our motives be that we want to know Jesus, identify with him, learn from him, seek him and find him.

Shine forth my friends. Let the King of Glory shine forth in you.