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something has to changeSomething has to change.

I think we can all agree that something has to change. We can’t live any longer the way things have been going. Something has to change.

I, with all conviction of the Holy Spirit and God my Father, believe what needs to change is me. You. Us.

There is something to the fact that my husband and I are pastors, lead a 24/7 prayer ministry called City Gate, and oversee several other ministries, and then God telling you, something has to change. This isn’t a sin issue that needs addressing. I promise there isn’t sin in the camp. But there is a tension. A holy pulling or tugging, that started at the beginning of 2016.

So I did what everyone else probably does, and thought about it. Then pretty much ignored it. But the tension in my spirit kept growing to the point that I could barely function in my roles because I felt like such a fraud and failure. Again, please hear me! This isn’t a sin issue. It became a Son issue.

I surrendered.

For those who know me, I am an avid reader. Books, the Bible, commentaries, stories, it really doesn’t matter. The best gift in the world to me is an amazon gift card. God usually uses books and specific authors who I trust and value to mentor me. So it wasn’t by chance that the books I was planning to read in July were all different titles, but the same message.

Something has to change.

Seriously, I started with “Operating in the Courts of Heaven” by Robert Henderson and it confirmed how prayer needs to change.

I read “Rooted” by Banning Leibscher and again, we need to go back to our original root system of living in the secret place, prayer and intimacy with God. Change is needed in our approach of life to be rooted in Christ.

Then I read “The Intercessors Handbook” by Jennifer Eivaz and it just confirmed what the other books I read were telling me. Change is needed.

“Angel Armies” by Tim Sheets. I thought this was going to give me a break in my reading about something new. But no. Change is needed. Movement it needed. We can want all the change in the world, but if we don’t move, nothing happens. Something new is needed. And Change is needed to move.

Finally “The Jesus Fast” By Lou Engle & Dean Briggs, put the seal on the change.

I knew God was telling me for quite some time that “This doesn’t happen but by prayer and fasting”. Lou’s book, along with several others just confirmed to my spirit, that the change that is needed, is us changing.

In order to do what Jesus did, we have to do what Jesus did.

If we do not do what Jesus did, then we wont’ do what Jesus did.

We will have lots of meetings and events, hype and great worship. But no change.

The change is personal in that is has to be me and you making the change.

Something has to change if we want to see Thy Kingdom Come.

Acts 2 happened and the world as they knew it began to change, but they had to start in Acts 1.

What did they do?

Prayed. Fasted.

What happened?

The Holy Spirit happened.

When I say we need to change in our prayers, I am suggesting that we begin to pray what God already told us to pray – His Word.

When I say we need to fast, it isn’t to get something, it’s to give something. Our time. We need to change how we spend our time.

For so many, and for so long, we think that if we attend a big event with big names, then we have done our part. But we come home and are the same on Monday.

Something has to change.

God is pulling us in a new (yet ancient) direction. A new movement, a change. And for any movement to work, it takes movement.

What are we willing to change in our life, our structure, our agenda to allow God to move?

The something that needs to change is us. If what we are doing is working so great why are we still so thirsty?

Here is my suggestion. Get in the Word. Read your bible like you read Facebook. Spend as much time in the Word as you do Sports Illustrated. Pray prayers from the Word like Ephesians, 1 & 2 Corinthians, Galatians, Colossians. Fast.  Give up one meal a day, and spend it reading and praying. Give up something that you love to show you love God more.

We cannot keep doing the same things we are doing and expect a new thing to happen.

Something has to change.

Are you with me?