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Gifts are awesome ! Who doesn’t like getting a gift ? One of my favorite gifts to receive is probably an amazon gift card…its the gift that keeps giving ! Plus I love to read, so it is perfect for me. Or coffee mugs and coffee. It is my addiction.

But, I really love giving gifts.

For me, it is sometime easier to give a gift than to receive a gift.

When someone gives me a gift, I can almost act like it isn’t a good gift, because I just don’t know how to receive gifts. Or I get nervous and start my nervous talking – PLEASE someone stop me !!

Anyone else like that ?

I want gifts.

But they are so hard for me to receive !

I wonder if that is how God feels?

He keeps giving us gifts and we keep piling them up, not using them or really thanking Him for giving them. Are we afraid of His gifts ?  Or just to busy to even acknowledge them ?

Think about it. We are breathing today. That is a gift – did you thank Him for it?

You are loved, you are accepted, you are chosen – did you thank Him for that ?


Look at this picture – ‘the manner in which it is given is worth more than the gift’ – how powerful is that?

Maybe our response is wrong ?

What if every gift that came to us everyday from God, was acknowledged with thanks, praise and wonder – that the gift itself wasn’t the focus. But the giver was !

What if we didn’t focus on the gifts but the giver ?

The manner is which God gives us these gifts are free but yet so costly

and we should be thankful and in awe

So today – unwrap the gift He is giving you – and thank Him for it.

and if you happen to send me a gift – I will gladly thank you and receive it !