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I have been dieting my entire life. Today the scale did not lie. It showed my over indulgence or addiction to cakes, pies and desserts.

So I hit the pavement again this morning, pondering the book I just read by my friend Joyce Tilney called “Why Diets don’t work – food is not the problem”   ( http://www.whydiets.com/ ) and I was hit with a revelation that I want to share with you. Take it,  join with me or laugh and leave it.    book-cover-front-e1359421292739

It’s not what food we eliminate or take away from ourselves, it’s about the food we DO eat and put into our body. When we focus on what we cannot eat, we enter into a poverty/diet mindset. And you will always want what you cannot have – look at the Israelites – didn’t they crave the ‘choice food’ from Egypt, but God had a super food for them in the desert.

I heard God tell me it was all about the seed. What seed are you putting into your body ? Is this seed going to produce a good fruit in you ? Is this seed going to produce 30, 60 or 100 fold of good fruit in your body. You see, this is a Godly principal, not just a financial principal. So what seed I put into my body will produce that fruit. So if I am putting the seed of sugary sweets, it will produce the effects of that seed.

If I put good seed in, I will produce good fruit.


So do you see what I am thinking, learning and hearing ?

It isn’t about a diet, (and I highly recommend Joyce’s book – it is filled with powerful words from the WORD ) it’s about seed.

What seed are you eating ?

what seed are you producing ?

It isn’t about taking away, it’s about putting in. Putting in the good seeds of food into our body.

Maybe you want to join me ?

I am willing to go through Joyce’s book with you and deal with what seed we are struggling with – to have a physically and spiritually healthy body –

I would love to hear your thoughts and if you want to join me !