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when you hear the word rise, what comes to your mind?

rise up. rise again. the sun rises. rise above it.     summer-morning-sun-rise

that last one really hits me.

rise above it.

I feel like it is time that we as the body of Christ rise above it.

rise above what ?

life ? situations ? judging ?

how about rise into ?

the sun rises each and every day – no matter what. after every battle, every storm, every attack. the sun continues to amaze us each and every morning and it rises into the sky and brings hope, healing and light.

what if we did that ?

what if each morning we would rise into – the things of God ?

what if we would rise above the raff that we find ourselves in ?

what does that look like ?

for me it looks like going lower. lower into the word, lower on my knees, lower on my agenda.

the word tells us that humble ourselves, that He would raise us up – He would lift us – He would cause us to rise.

is it possible that so many of us are tying to race to be the on the highest rise that we are missing the whole point ?

my prayer for you this morning is that you would rise into the depths of God –

rise into your bible

rise into your prayer life

rise into your compassion for others

rise into the very Son that has already risen.