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I want to hide. Especially today. Have you ever had those days ?

My daughter is throwing up and as I was cleaning it up (oh God) I wanted to hide somewhere. So I went back to bed and hid under the covers and prayed to not throw up.

I have so many things to do, but just want to hide in my coffee cup. Really, I want to dive right in that brown glorious liquid.

I feel friendships changing, for the better and for the worse and it makes me want to hide to not face the challenges of either.

I definitely want to hide from the dirty ceiling fans. The dishes. The un-swept carpet and un-made beds.

I want to hide from those things that I know I should do, but just don’t want to do.

hideBut we can’t hide.

There is nowhere to go !

Really, where can we ever go that is really hidden.

Yet that very thought gives me hope in my very worn out soul.

I can go no where from His presence that He isn’t there. He tells me that even my darkness is light to Him.

Even in these moments where I think my inner most thoughts are hidden, He knows. And He loves me in spite of it all

Hide means to put out of sight and to try to conceal something from others sight, but with our God, there is never a time that anything is hidden.

We are literally hidden in plain sight.

But this is a good thing. We have a God who loves us beyond our comprehension. So even in these moments where things make me feel like hiding, I can hide in His arms.

His arms are the hidden treasure.