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gather. let’s all gather together. gather ’round. gather

I think of many things with the word gather and all kinds of pictures of people sitting at coffee shops, laughing. People gathered around the holiday table. And more pictures of faces gathered around in worship, in prayer and friendship.

We also see people gathered around hospital beds, or bedrooms of those we love who are hurting and healing.

This is where I find my gathering these days.

In both places.

I am gathered around my daughter and son-in-law,  who are going through a long recovery from a motor cross accident, leaving my son with two crushed knees.

I am gathered around my dad, with my brothers and family as we make decisions regarding heart surgery.

I am gathered around friends and family who are also going through the ringer right now

I am gathered around my church family, who love, support and encourage me and my family through all of this craziness.

Mostly I am gathered around the loving arms of God’s grace that is keeping me standing in the storm.

Is anyone else seeing or having the l – o – n – g – e – s – t  winter ever ? yesh !

I would not know how to survive without the gathering of God.

We need to be gathered with family and friends – we need those hugs and loves

But we mostly need the gathering of God

He gathers me together in the inner most parts

He gathers my tears in a bottle

He gathers his strength and pours it into me

He gathers his grace and washed me with it daily

He gathers me with reckless abandon and lavishes his love on and in me, so that I can gather around those who need more than I do

Let Him gather you today –