How often do we share ?

Not just things because I will always share a cup of coffee with you – but how often do we share our lives ? Our hopes,  dreams, prayers. how much do we really share ?

Sometimes we share to much or we share to little.

I was able to share my story with a group of wonderful ladies the other day, and it really helped me to see – how much God has shared with me.

Sharing our story helps us to see what and how much God is constantly sharing with us.

This morning as I was reading Psalm 23 from the passion translation, I was struck with how     b51f086cf08ddd936ed0cc8b6b825e43much God shares with us.

He shares His love, his time, his wisdom, His breath, His strength.

There will never be a time that He isn’t with you – He is constantly sharing His presence with us

He shares His rest, His heart, His songs

His unfailing love and goodness will be my constant companion – I’ll never be lonely because He is always there

So today I want to share with you – just how much God loves you, how much He has for you

He wants to share His love and His goodness with you

He wants to share His rest and His life with you

I think it is time that we begin to share back with God