nothing. NOthing. I am beginning to see who much of nothing I am, how much of No thing can I do apart from the constant filling of the presence of Jesus.
I am praying and singing to give Him everything – but do I really mean it ?
What if when He asks, it is during my favorite tv show?
What if when He asks, I am in the midst of some shopping excursion to find – really nothing.
What if when He asks, I am at my weakest possible spiritual state of being.

Do I really mean it

I am ready to give up everything for nothing

Jesus caused His disciples to live in a constant state of being saturated in His presence. They knew nothing else – No thing did they do, but to be constantly in His presence. He created them to crave His very presence. He created them to be addicted to His presence, which was the presence of the Holy Spirit.

He caused them to never do “nothing” without the presence or the Holy Spirit.

I am constantly doing nothing with nothing.

I want to be addicted to His presence to the point that all my nothings add up to an incredible journey of everything and anything

I want my everything to become NOthing

His everything is my goal. my desire

No good thing will he withhold from those who seek Him

it is time to become nothing